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Can I Get Your Help With This?

Can I Get Your Help With This?


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I don’t know about you, but I have a really hard time asking for help.

Of course now that I know that my Fear Archetype™ is the Outcast, it makes a lot more sense. You see, the thing that the Outcast fears most is rejection. And so, the way that often plays out is that rather than risk being rejected, the Outcast will preemptively reject others first.


We designed the Do It Scared Assessment™ to uncover your Fear Archetype™ and give you in-depth practical resources. Soon you’ll be able to recognize your fear type (from procrastinator to self-doubter), overcome it, and create a life you love. You’ll get the most accurate results if you answer without overthinking. Remember, everyone is unique. There is no such thing as a bad Archetype, just a nameless fear lurking in your blind spot. Are you ready?



And how that has played out in my life—and my business—is that I always think I need to do everything on my own.

But the truth is that has always terrified me to ask for help.

Because what if that person would say no?

The rejection would crush me.

And so it was way safer to just not ask.

Ironic, isn’t it, that it took writing a book called Do It Scared™ to make me realize just how afraid of rejection I really am, and how big of a role this particular fear has played out in my life. And not only that, it took writing this book for me to realize just how much this particular fear has been holding me back in my life and in my business.

But that is the cool thing about identifying your fear—because once you’ve identified how fear is playing out in your life, you can actually start to do something about it.

Which brings me to this big Do It Scared moment:

I am asking you to help me.

Specifically, I am asking you, as a member of this LWSL community, to help me spread the message of Do It Scared—to help get this book into as many hands as possible, and in doing so, to impact as many lives as possible.

Because whether we call it fear or anxiety or apprehension or self-doubt or just a feeling of being lost or stuck or all alone, the truth is that fear plays a huge role in most of our lives. It talks us out of going after our big goals and dreams. It tells us we’re not good enough. It tells us that we might fail, and therefore we shouldn’t even try.

But here’s the thing—we can do something about it!

We can change the way we look at fear in our own lives, and, with your help, we might even be able to change the way the whole world looks at fear too!

So will you help me?

It’s still a terrifying question to ask.

But I hope the answer is yes.

And if it is, then please order the Do It Scared book!

Here is exactly what to do, step by step:

1. Order the book at Amazon (where it is currently cheapest) or anywhere else books are sold. Be sure to take note of your order number!

Step 1- pre-order the book

2. Fill in the bonus form at (you’ll need your order number)

Step 2- claim your bonuses- be sure to have your receipt number!

3. Share on all your social media channels.

4. Check your email for your book bonuses & instructions.

Thank you in advance for your support for this book, and for your willingness to help spread the message of Do It Scared! I can’t wait to see you in the launch team!

P.S. Have you already ordered the book? Just grab your order number and start with Step #2 above!

Join the Do It Scared launch Team today!


  1. Yes. Rejection is one of the reason for negative thinking. And It is not good for our mind. Good Points listed. Why should we scared about anything?

  2. I’m so excited to have some time this weekend to finish the book. Thank you for offering the chance to be on the launch team. I’m definitely learning things about myself I never knew!

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  5. I fully agree with the author that fears are the stone that pulls people to the bottom of darkness and loneliness. The answer to the question of who dictates these fears to me becomes the key. Is not it? The answer to this question is in this film where an international group of psychologists “lays down on our shoulder blades” our consciousness and brings to the surface the causes of all our fears. Good luck to you friends!


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